The service we offer is tailored and designed specifically around your needs. We discuss your requirements and identify areas specific to you, to either help you manage and grow your business in the right direction or support your personal requirements to enable you to focus on the priorities in your life. Every client’s needs are completely different to each other, which is why we are flexible and fit in with you and learn about your goals and aspirations, together with your likes and dislikes.

How you benefit from working with Virtual PA Services?

  • Access to a business with more than 13 years experience of offering a high level PA support to Lifestyle clients and Business clients in a broad range of industries.
  • A pro-active PA who can often make suggestions or set up procedures which are more efficient and add value to your business.
  • A PA who is on hand at all times; not just on certain days and times, which means response and turnaround times are much quicker.
  • Low overheads, so if you do have a quiet period, you can save your hours for when you are going to be busy.
  • Reduced administrative running costs and overheads as you do not need to supply an office, work equipment, or employment benefits such as sick leave and Auto Enrolment.
  • No employee legal responsibilities, relieving the pressure on running a business.
  • 100% productivity - you are only charged for the time we are actually working on your tasks, not for idle times, breaks and lunch or holidays/sick days.
  • A backup PA will cover your everyday PA in the event of holidays or an absence, which means there are no gaps in your support.
  • Control of your costs, by setting a budget you can ensure that your costs are controlled and your PA will keep you regularly updated on how many hours you have utilised.